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Club Updates

Club Updates for 2020-21 Tryouts and Fall Season

(Subject to change based on information from our state and soccer governing bodies). 

Q: Will the Reign be participating in any summer leagues or “friendlies”?

A:  No. Although we recognize that there are many pros and cons to this proposal, because there are so many unknowns, we have elected to opt out of potential "friendlies" or other unsanctioned leagues during the summer months.  We based our decision on the following:

  1. Maintaining the health and safety of players, families and coaches.
    a. Social distancing guidelines will not allow us to safely play games against players from other areas of the state or train with a large number of players until a later date.  The message from the MSYSA state office about tryouts, is further evidence to this point.  "With respect to our June 13th Official Try-Out Start Date, MSYSA will not be sanctioning or insuring in-person try-outs this year.  Current social distancing restrictions in the State of Michigan are not likely to be relaxed to enable a traditional try-out event in June. Furthermore, the anticipated summer calendar for many, and preparations for the fall season, made it impractical for MSYSA to move travel try-outs into July.”
  2. Providing further uncertainty for the upcoming summer months will complicate things for all involved.
     a.  Some families have already expressed that they would not participate for summer if something was offered which would leave each team in an incomplete state and complicate the planning of training and friendlies further.
     b.  Summer team training and friendlies could be pushed all the way to the end of July which would give little to no time between summer and fall soccer.
     c.  We feel it is best for everyone to refund families what we can and then plan and prepare to start fall training on time as a whole.  Choosing to participate in summer friendlies would delay the possibility of providing any refunds. 

Q:  If restrictions are lifted, will the Reign be offering any summer training sessions.

A: Most likely, yes.  If restrictions are lifted sooner than anticipated and there is a safe way to return to the field, the club may choose to offer optional, small group training sessions for our players.

Q:  How are try-outs going to occur now that in-person tryouts are not permitted?

A:  The traditional tryout for the Plymouth Reign is being replaced by our tryout plan, which was set up following the MSYSA rule that offers cannot be made to players until June 1st.  This timeline allows time for collaboration between coaches and communication with parents and players regarding team assignments for next year.  You can expect the following activities to occur according to the tryout timeline is as follows:




May 11-17

Coaches meet with their teams to provide information about any coaching changes. 

May 18-24

Coaches collaborate to discuss players & speak to teams about plans for try-outs.

May 25-31

Future coach will have a personal meeting with player & parents via Zoom or conference call.

June 1-6

Parents will receive a contract via email with a formal offer for a spot on at team. 

June 1-12

Parents register players for teams.


Q: How will my son or daughter be assessed for team placement?

A:  Players will receive an offer to play on a team based on their performance during the fall and winter seasons.   Communication between players and coaches will begin immediately to make a smooth transition to next year’s roster.  (See details above)

Q:  Can someone from outside the club try-out for the Reign?

A:  Yes.  We certainly welcome and encourage players from outside the club to contact the Reign about playing for one of our teams.  Please share the link with your friends!  Players from outside the club can begin receiving offers from our club on or after June 13th. 

Q:  How will players from outside the club be evaluated?

A:  Coaches are encouraged to talk to a prospective player’s past coach and to use any means available to assess players (i.e., videos, Zoom live, etc.)

Q: How will I register after receiving an offer?

A:  Registration will be fully on-line this year.  More details will be shared on this process as we approach the start of registration on June 1.

Q: What fees will be due at signing?

A:  Generally, a non-refundable registration deposit of $400 and is due upon signing the player contract.  In the event that this presents a financial difficulty (uniforms will also need to be purchased this year), we are providing an option whereby, families would choose a payment plan for this registration deposit. $200 would be due initially and then the additional $200 owed can be paid in monthly $20 installments beginning on July 1st.  As in past years, families may pay their club fees in full or may opt for automatic payments to be withdrawn monthly.  Automatic payments will begin August 1st for all players, except for high school boys whose payments will begin on October 1st.  Those who are experiencing an extraordinary financial hardship may contact the treasurer to arrange for a revised payment plan.

Q:  Do we have to buy a new uniform for fall?

A:  Yes, all players will need to purchase a new uniform.  We are on a two-year uniform cycle and our new cycle begins June 1st through our contract with Soccer World & Nike.  However, preparation for uniforms began last fall.  Uniform vendors “pre-order” uniforms and apparel ahead of time so that they are available for clubs to order in the summer months.  Therefore, our uniforms were essentially ordered in November 2019 so that Soccer World could offer them to us in June and we are committed to purchasing these uniforms.  In addition, many of our younger players no longer fit in their current uniforms as they purchased them two years ago making it impossible to extend the length of our current uniforms. 

Q:  How much will the uniform kit cost?

A:  We are in the process of making the final decisions on the print and logo designs for our uniforms this year.  Cost information will be communicated in the coming weeks.

Q:  How can we know what size uniform to buy if we can’t try them on at try-outs?

A:  We are hopeful that we will be able to arrange a time for families to see the uniform sizes either at Soccer World or another outdoor location this summer.  We are monitoring the restrictions and will communicate our plan for uniform sizing in the coming weeks.  As a last resort, we will refer to the uniform sizing charts online and our old uniforms as a comparison.

Q: Will you still be holding club camp and team camps this summer?

A:  Yes.  If state rules allow, we will be holding club and team camps this summer. 

Club Camp

Week of August 17

Team Camp

Week of August 24


Q: Do you have any back-up plans for fall?

A:  Yes.  Player safety is our biggest priority.  We will uphold any state mandates or recommendations and if there are restrictions placed on the number of individuals able to congregate, we will provide small group training for our players within the guidelines established.  If we are able to return to play in our fall leagues, we plan to focus on participating in local tournaments due to economic and health reason.