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Covid-19 Return to Play Guidelines & Covid Reporting Form


Use this form to communicate that a player has Covid or is quarantining due to potential exposure.

Covid Contact:

Cheryl Rankin - Club Administrator



No one should attend practice or a game if he/she is NOT feeling well, has a fever or is currently under a quarantine. The health and safety are the responsibility of all players, parents, coaches and officials.

  1. Players
    1. Players must wash their hands thoroughly before attending practices.
    2. Players should not share water bottles and drink containers.
    3. It is recommended that players have their own hand sanitizer for personal use.
    4. Uniforms and practice shirts must be washed as soon as possible after the game.
    5. Benches should be wiped down with a disinfectant prior and after the game.
    6. Players when off the field should maintain social distancing of 6’
    7. Disinfect soccer balls after games or practices
    8. Shin guards and scrimmage vests should not be shared.
    9. If scrimmage vests need to be shared, it's recommended to spray them down with a disinfectant before sharing.


  1. Coaches
    1. Ask each each player upon arrival to a practice or game if he/she is feeling well and is not exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19.
    2. Only coaches should pick up team equipment or move practice equipment.
    3. Equipment should be properly disinfected daily
    4. Pregame, halftime, and post-game instructions should be kept to a minimum and have players practice social distancing rather than sitting or standing next to each other.
  1. Parents
  1. Prior to training check your child's temperature and refrain from participation if he or she has a fever (≥100.4 degrees F).
  2. Stay in or near your car and/or adhere to social distance requirements, based on state and local health requirements.
  3. Ensure your child’s equipment, (cleats, ball, shin guards, etc.) are sanitized before and after every training.
  4. Notify the club immediately if your child becomes ill for any reason using the report form.

Reign Covid-19 Action Plan

Any individual that tests positive, has been exposed to someone positive, or has symptoms consistent with COVID-19 has a duty to report to the Club. First, report using the form above and then contact the coach or manager. All information will be kept confidential.

Any individual (player, coach, staff or parent/guardian) who has tested positive for COVID-19 cannot return to team activities until 10 days after symptoms first begin and resolution of fever for at least 24 hours, without the use of fever-reducing medications, and with improvement of other symptoms. A clearance note from the local health department or primary care provider will be required prior to returning to team activities.

Any player, coach or staff member who has been exposed to an individual with a suspected or diagnosed case of COVID-19 & considered a close contact (school, sports, home, etc) may need to self-quarantine based on the guidelines below. 

Exceptions to Quarantine if asymptomatic and one of the following applies:

1 - Within the past 5 months, the close contact has had a positive confirmatory PCR test


2 - Fourteen (14) days have passed since the close contact was vaccinated with the second dose of
either the Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, or one dose of a Johnson & Johnson COVID-19

This exception to self-quarantine does not apply if a close contact starts to experience COVID-19

Quarantine is required in a close contact situation if the above two scenarios do not apply.  The close contact may return:

After day 7, if a negative test is completed on day 6 or day 7


After day 10 without testing.

EXPOSURE means any one of the following:

  • You were within 6 feet of someone who has COVID-19 for a total of 15 minutes or more

  • You provided care at home to someone who is sick with COVID-19

  • You had direct physical contact with the person (hugged or kissed them)

  • You shared eating or drinking utensils

  • They sneezed, coughed, or somehow got respiratory droplets on you

MSYSA recommends that affiliated athletes (regardless of vaccination status) wear facial coverings in indoor settings (indoor gyms, indoor facilities, etc.) prior to, and immediately following, trainings and games, and when on the bench or sidelines. 

Return to Play Phases

Phase 1 - Stay Home

  • No in person soccer related activity
  • Online training only

Phase 2 - Individual/Small Group Training

  • Player to coach ratio per practice group of no more than ten (10) players and a coach
  • Practices limited to non-contact individual activities while following social distancing protocols (individual skills, fitness, etc.). No group activities allowed in this stage.
  • Stagger start times for training to minimize players arriving and leaving at the same time
  • Games or scrimmages are NOT permitted in this phase. 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, etc. are not permitted due to potential contact
  • Parents must follow social distancing guidelines and should remain in their cars if possible.

Phase 3 - Larger Group/Team Training

  • Player to coach ratio per practice group of no more than ten 15 players one (1) coach. Multiple groups may practice simultaneously but must follow distance protocols.
  • Staggered start times for practice to minimize players arriving and leaving at the same time.
  • Limited physical contact
  • Parent and Guardian may watch practice but adhere to social distancing requirements
  • No games or scrimmages are permitted in this phase. Activities should continue to adhere to social distancing policies (e.g. passing patterns, zone games, etc.).

Phase 4 – Full Return to Play

  • No training session restrictions

League Games Protocols:

  • Social Distancing for spectators
  • Staggered start times to limit the interactions with teams arriving and leaving the field of play

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